Cape Town safari

A Safari Close to Cape Town:

Free-roaming Wild Animals

Just a stone’s throw away from Cape Town – in South Africa – is the opportunity for a spectacular safari. Animals roam free over sprawling plains, which come alive with colour in spring, while snow frosts the mountain tops in winter. Diverse life forms thrive in all their different shapes and sizes, set against the backdrop of their African home.

Cape Town safari

cheetah snow

A Cape Town safari encompasses the best of wildlife, breath-taking landscapes and luxury accommodation. Guests stay in style, while experiencing Mother Nature in her full-flung glory. Home to an abundant species of wildlife, the animals that can be found include the Big 5. This group is comprised of the African buffalo, the lion, rhino, elephant and Cape Leopard. In addition a plethora of other animals reside in vast, open tracts of stunning land.

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Top 10 Western Cape Holidays:

Cape Town Safari

Safaris are undertaken in search of cheetahs, giraffes, hippos, foxes and meerkats, as well as a variety of antelope, from the South African national animal, the springbok, to impala, kudu and gemsbok. Birdwatchers will catch sight of Egyptian Geese, South African Shellducks and numerous herons, all while listening for the voice of Africa from the African Fish Eagle.

See more of the Western Cape on the way to your Cape Town safari exploring old towns and stopping at farm stalls along the road, selling fresh, local produce. Wine tastings are offered at various wine farms and estates along Route 62, the world’s longest wine route. As you cruise towards your ultimate destination, you will see valleys lit up by the African sun, which will take your breath away as the road curves over and around mountains like a ribbon.

The Best Cape Town Luxury Safari Accommodation

Upon your arrival at the safari lodge the serenity of the surrounding environment will leave you marvelling. This experience is further heightened at night when a spectacular blanket of stars covers the inky black sky. Safari lodges offer luxury accommodation, fine cuisine and all the comforts of home to make the experience better than anything you can imagine, allowing you to learn more about South Africa.

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Game rangers are armed to the teeth with information and knowledge about the animals, their environment and conservation. On a safari the rangers are happy to impart this knowledge to the travellers in the hopes that they will spread the word and help raise awareness about the threats to the fauna and flora of Africa. Conservation forms a large part of any game reserve and on safari you will learn about the plights of various animals, from the rhino who is hunted for his horn to the elephants poached for their tusks.

Cape Town is a busy, bustling, modern-day metropolis and the best of the comfort and style of the city is transplanted to the luxurious safari lodges, while still encompassing the best of nature. Soak up the sun on some of South Africa’s best beaches, paint the town red in the swirl of the city’s nightlife and then head out to the calm tranquillity of a safari getaway, spent amongst the many wondrous animals of Africa.